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There are a plethora of precious metal dealers online but Regal Assets is one of the most reliable and trustworthy when it comes to gold investing with Gold 401k's and IRA Rollovers.  We have researched this company (and others) extensively and chose them as the company we would invest with ( and we do).   I really think the staff here  would recommend different companies to you if you were just going to make "one off" immediate gold bullion purchases, but for opening a GOLD IRA or  rolling over a 401K,  Regal is who we would pick.  Their customer service and investment knowledge is what impressed us with them.  

A little about them..

Regal Assets was founded in 2003 and is based in Burbank California and is who I have personally used to open-up a Gold IRA of my own. They have established a reputation for being one of the largest and most experienced gold IRA custodians on the market today. The company has an A+ rating from the BBB or Better Business Bureau. They have 5-star reviews for their business practices and customer care. The company has a 99.9% customer satisfaction rating - which is rare for a gold IRA custodian. They have compiled a free gold IRA rollover kit for new clients who aren't familiar with the rollover process. To qualify for a gold IRA with them, you should have a 401k and be able to move the existing 401k to them. The company has extensive experience in moving 401ks to gold IRAs. They are our number one choice.


We encourage you to learn more about them and their investing philosophy. 


Click on their company name below and you will be re-directed to an educational page where you can request an investment kit.  Enter your contact information and they'll send one out to you.  Easy as that.  We've done it and they won't hound you or harass you.   They deal with too many prospective clients in the U.S and around the globe to worry about those who are not interested.   


Remember - you and only you are in charge of your own investment decisions ..take control. 


Education is the key.  

Take the first step today by contacting them today and ordering a free investment kit...simply click on the link:

Regal Assets

                        10 Reasons Why You Should Contact Them


1.) They are the top rated company in the industry 10 years in a row

2.) They manage hundreds of millions of dollars in retirement account transfers

3.) They are official members of the Forbes Finance Council

4.) Rated # 20 in the US by Inc. Magazine

5.) Over 1000 verified testimonials and ratings on Trustlink

6.) A+ Rating with the BBB

7.) Retirement accounts are NOT co-mingled and are separate

8.) Store your retirement account over seas to avoid taxes and penalties

9.) They buy back gold and will have funds available within 24 hours of the sale

10.) They have a knowledgeable staff ready to answer any questions and assist as needed