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What Are The Fees Associated With a GOLD IRA ?

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Gold IRA ownership isn't FREE, but they're worth it!

Gold IRA Fees You Should Know About

Investing in Gold Self- Directed IRAs ( Gold IRAs) comes with several fees. It’s not like you open a savings account and save your money every month with minimal costs. Like any other precious metal, gold also has various expenses that investors have to bear if they want to earn a significant amount of money at the end of a period. Some of the fees that investors usually associate with owning a Gold IRA are as follows:

• Fees for setting up your account and administrative fees

• Yearly maintenance fees

• Storage fees

• Coin markups and commissions

• Miscellaneous fees

Understanding the different fees:

1. Setup and administrative fees

Sanctioned administrators and custodians often charge a small processing fee to start your account opening process. Different administrators charge differently, but usually, the average setup and administrative fee is approximately between $50 -$100.

2. Yearly maintenance fees

Apart from the account opening and administrative fees, the administrator will also charge an account maintenance fee. This will cover everything, such as record keeping of your holdings, periodic statement that includes processing and distribution, and monitoring your account. Again, different administrators may charge different amounts, but the average yearly maintenance fee in the U.S is around $75- $150.

3. Storage fees

You will also have to pay for the vault or safe to store your gold holdings. Always opt for IRS-approved depositories to ensure the full safety of your gold. Ideally, the administrator should pay for storage fees, but they pass this cost to their clients to make more profit. Storage fees may have different schedules depending on how you store your gold. Most people use the aggregated storage method while others use individualized segregated storage. Most companies charge half or one percent of your holdings annually as a storage fee.

4. Coin markups and commissions

It doesn’t matter whether you purchase or sell gold from your account; there is a commission that you have to pay every time. Some companies charge per transaction, while others may have a fixed commission. The approximate amount is nearly $40 per transaction.

5. Miscellaneous fees

This fee is something that you can avoid. Most IRA custodians try to wire clients to a bullion dealer or some depository. So, every wire transfer may cost approximately $25.

However, it is always wise to check both online and local IRA fees before investing. If you can do without a few fees, you will end up earning more than what you usually do. Some fees are unavoidable, but you can bypass a few of them also.

Overall, the fees in owning a Gold IRA aren't unlike owning any other investment account, in some cases, even less. The pros outweigh the cons in ownership in our humble opinion.

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