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As with anything in life there are truths and misconceptions about most topics and gold investing has plenty of both. 


I want to dispel at least four myths I hear all the time.  I won't go into a ton of detail on each as you will see, but instead want to plant the seed so you can start your own research and come to your own conclusions. 


The information I provide here comes from years of investing experience and outside reliable industry resources.



                                        MYTH # 1


    A real investment pays dividends and isn't a real investment.






While it is true that physical gold doesn't pay dividends or interest, it is as good as an investment than any paper backed asset. 


Be happy gold doesn't pay interest or dividends. Gold is beholden to nothing nor does it depend on the performance of companies to maintain its value in the marketplace. 


This is just one of many reasons why it makes a great diversification tool in most investors portfolio.

                                                                 Myth # 2